Dear Fellow Veterans:

My name is Lee Davis and I am President of the North Carolina Regional Group of the Blinded Veterans Association {NC RGBVA}. I am encouraging all visually impaired veterans no matter if your blindness is service connected or not to join the NC RGBVA. The Veterans Administration will provide medical care for all honorably discharged visually impaired or blinded veterans.

The NC RGBVA is association of men and women who meet once a month to make sure we are all in good health, up to date on the latest VA policies and procedures and to comrade with other vets living with the same conditions. Several veterans live alone and to have someone to talk to is essential to the well being of the veteran.

Families of the recently blinded or visually impaired veteran benefit from talking with other NC RGBVA husband or wives in learning how to assist their blinded love ones.

The NC RGBVA represents all blinded or visually impaired veterans in Federal, Local, and State government legislation to insure the veteran rights are considered as new legislation is passed and not merely added as a patch after a bill becomes law.

I understand that after being discharged from the military many of you vowed that you would never volunteer for anything again, but I know you will be pleasantly surprised at how much fun it can be in the company of your brothers and sisters in arms. Thank you for your service and stay strong!


Lee M. Davis Jr.

President of NC Regional BVA